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Get unstuck.

Holistic Coaching
for Individuals and Teams

Struggling with prioritization, productivity, or connection to purpose?

Through 1:1 coaching and designing and facilitating human-first workshops, JessLou Coaching can help you or your organization find the clarity you need to achieve your vision. 


Align with Your Purpose

Learn to live an empowered life—feeling deeply fulfilled and free—through a no-nonsense, value-driven transformation process. 

Businesses & Organizations

Revitalize Your Team

Transform the way your team operates—from better communication and workplace dynamics to clear alignment on mission and direction. 


Step into Power and Passion

Hi, I'm Jess. My mission is to enhance people’s lives in a way that helps spread more joy and love across humanity.


Together, we can push the boundaries of what you think is possible right now.


We’ll create a vision for your life or your team that expands your self-imposed limits, and, yet, is still anchored in reality — a few quick wins at a time.

Say NO to chaos and uncertainty.

We work in clarity and action only!

My coaching method is a unique blend of yogic values and corporate experience, distilled into an accessible and action-based philosophy.


Much like Gandalf the wizard, I have the ability to see clearly what the path ahead of you may hold.

My methodology gives you

1. Guidance

We work together to clarify a vision for your life or your team that aligns with your values + purpose. 

2. Momentum

We build habits through realistic action steps, creating hope and fulfillment.

3. Accountability

We have regular check ins to ensure that you are on the path to achieving your goals.

Why work with me?

  • Calmness and ease

I am a talented space holder who supports individuals doing the inner work required for healing, growth, and evolution. As a heart-centered and gifted listener, I provide calm and focused reflection to help others navigate their goals.

  • Be deeply seen

Both my empathic nature and experience guide me to ask the right questions at the right time. I can extract the deeper meaning from what is actually being said.

  • Transcendent clarity

I consolidate the work being done in a way that delivers that “a-ha” moment, over and over again. Both human behavior and habit change are in my wheelhouse of understanding.

  • Measurable improvement

My services are data-driven, and our sessions are structured in a way that allows us to assess our progress both during our journey and at completion.

Work with Jess, an experienced life coach who helps individuals and businesses meet their

Let’s take charge of your vision.

Work with me to bring out the best in yourself or your team—anchored in a higher purpose

My mission is to help people realize their own ability and build resilience.


My process helps you or your team design an achievable path toward reaching your goals through both step-by-step action plans and a deeper understanding of your inner wisdom.


I welcome you to take the first breath towards a whole new life.

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512 - 635 - 0008

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