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Praise for Jess

Shining a light on JessLou coaching

Living your truth, aligned with your highest aspirations, means creating change in your own life as well as others’.


Love from clients brings both joy and confidence to the journey. Read more about their experiences with Jess below.


"Our Compass Texas team has worked with Jess as an expert, facilitator and coach for resiliency and leadership skills numerous times. Her thoughtful approach in preparing for workshops and even short presentations has provided our team(s) - particularly emerging leaders - with a framework on how to grow and expand their skills.


All of my team members that have worked with Jess have felt stronger and more prepared to tackle their day to day challenges. Jessica orients workshops around human needs first and business goals second. This human-first approach is 1000% what we were looking for at Compass and really no other providers in the realm of coaching or training have been able to deliver what Jess has done for us.


I would recommend working with Jess for any challenge in the workplace. Being able to integrate a top tier change management and business acumen with wellness knowledge and practices is SO needed for our teams and employees today. These programs are amazing investments in our people."

Olivia Derr

"Jess helped my team do mindfulness and it was such a wonderful way to start our team meeting! She is a true master at her craft and I'd highly recommend her."

Melissa Coochise

"Jess has led several workshops for my team and I and each one has been amazing! You can see Jess's passion for what she does through the thought and consideration she puts into developing her sessions, and I've been able to learn a lot from her.


I highly recommend Jess to anyone looking for a workplace or wellness coach!"

Christina Gallagher

“Jess is an exceptional facilitator who created and led a custom workshop for our sales management team. Her impact was remarkable, focusing on alignment, vision, and mission. Working with her was a joy, and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking transformative results.

Greg Ward

“Jess is amazing to work with! She helped our nonprofit leadership team get organized, clarify our goals, and develop an action plan that felt realistic and achievable. We went from feeling overwhelmed to having a clear roadmap with distinct roles and tasks and accountability measures.


I really appreciated the way she incorporated mindfulness techniques into our planning sessions and was tracking the interpersonal elements of our team dynamic. She leads with heart and with tremendous skill. We were very impressed with her preparation, her communication, and her quick turnaround. Would definitely recommend bringing her into your company or organization."

Emily Shaughnessy

“Jessica Loerch is a talented wellness coach. She supported our firm by designing a robust plan for mental health awareness month. She drafted communications, helped us plan a program that would best meet the needs of our employees, and then she conducted 4 weekly sessions that included guided meditation and skill-building to help folks deal with stress.


The sessions and the whole program were really well received and made a difference for our teammates. I highly recommend Jess to help you with supporting your own or your team's wellness."

Greg Carter


"I was ultra impressed by my entire experience with Jess for our initial 30 minute coaching session. It is clear how much thought and intention she has put into her whole process.


From the ease of scheduling, to the immediate follow up emails, the "pre work" and one pager about wellness was so insightful and provided me with so much clarity on what to expect during our first session. Even during the conversation it was clear to me that Jess has a unique ability to take seemingly random ideas and thoughts from me and turn them into actions and key takeaways.


Very impactful experience!!!!"

Cassidy Vaughn

"Over the course of only a few sessions, Jess had a significant impact on the way that I approached my daily routines and the outlook that I had on my personal growth and development. She did a magnificent job recapping our conversation, helping me set attainable and meaningful goals, celebrating my wins, and continuing to encourage me for goals that I was still working towards.


I highly recommend working with Jess - the impact on your self-growth will be immediately noticeable. Thank you so much, Jess!"

Cyrus Montana

"What a great experience! Jess provided a coaching framework that helped to bring my visions to life by structuring key goals and a path to reach them.


She really helped me to focus and guided me through quick wins, stretch goals and celebrations along my journey. I very much appreciate her ability to guide and support with so much encouragement and passion."

Karen Bronson

"Jess is an empathetic coach and is invested in helping her clients in their journey. She creates a safe space for people that makes it easy to share what you want to focus on and your priorities.


Jess helped me narrow down what my focus areas were and coached me to understand why I wanted to focus on those particular elements of the wellness wheel. She coached me to define measurable, habit building goals for each of the focus areas and provided me with tools to help track their progress. She was also my accountability partner and during our check-ins we followed up on the progress of the goals and made adjustments as needed.


Jess has high emotional intelligence which is reflective in every interaction you have with her. She asks the right questions to help you think of the why and gently nudges you to get to the answer yourself. Jess is an absolute delight to work with and I am really grateful to have worked with her on my goals.

Neha Srivastava

“Jess is someone I trust to provide meaningful holistic coaching with tangible results. She is an amazing listener, able to pick out little bits of information and nuggets of insight that I have used to better understand my motivations and the path to success.

Jess is highly communicative, professional, and a real pleasure to work alongside. You won’t always hear what you want, but you will always hear what you *need* to find and capture real growth. I respect her honesty and ability to be a challenger, and have greatly benefited from our coaching sessions!”

Chris Wahl


“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”



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